And Gutenberg Lived Here: Double Double Toil And Trouble

Sunday afternoon was unusual for us.

An afternoon off, with absolutely nothing to do but drink good tea, and watch a film.


And since we decided to stay in to do it,

we pulled out a film we had been saving for just such an occasion,

made some fast-made scones with raisins

(If it takes longer than fifteen minutes in this house,

exception fresh cooking vegs,

it’s not likely to show up on our menu.

Exception: when guests arrive.

Which is probably why Harald,

I assume in self-defense,

has a rather large propensity for inviting German friends over,

for that holy of holies: German Sunday afternoon take a long walk

and eat fancy cakes with butter cream and rum-soaked cake bases.

But this time,  we were actually alone.

butter dripping scones in hand,

and black tea so strong the English would be horrified,


after the film (an early Who, what else),

enjoying a wonderful interview with Elizabeth Sladen,

one of the most obviously warm-hearted actresses of all time,

(her films are perfect for families-and children of all ages)

where she was talking about how hard it actually was working the kind of serieses she did,

and how one night,

after so much overtime she could nearly pay off her mortgage with it,

she played a scene where she stumbles on a witch’s coven,

mumbling “Hekate, Hekate, Hekate.”

Only it was so late, and they were so tired,

and cold,

the women were mumbling “equity, equity, equity”

Equity being the English actor’s labor union.

We laughed.

And then got in a discussion of who Hekate is.

And looked her up on google.


The last three days, I have gotten ads, in both Facebook, my email account, eBay, amazon,


if you can believe it:


witches paraphernalia,

books on the occult,

the Wizzard’s auto repair company,

a SPICE shop in Vermont,

a group that wants to establish hegemony,

and a trip to Wales to see the Doctor Who exhibition,

with hotel ad.


after wondering what would happen if I had looked up The Catcher In The Rye:

baseball? Whisky ads?

I had a sudden vision:

One day,

I suggest the twelfth of Oct,

in which everyone on this planet types in great literature titles,

and waits to see what the great computer of Oz complex comes up with:


For whom the bell tolls, (vacation in a monastery!)

Jane Eyre (find lost relatives and inherit a fortune!)

To kill a mockingbird (Hardy and sons Pest Extermination!)

Hairy Potter (Regain hair growth in just three days!)

The possibilities are endless.

Enter your own ideas below.

(We could call it the  Great Lit No Ads Day) 2017 All rights reserved.

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