Wickedness- Is It Relative?

And the theme for this week, dear Reader, is:


To which my answer is: relative.

There is a wonderful, and very complicated,

and, in my humble opinion, not the thing you sing along to while doing the dishes,

but still, fascinating, musical:  Wicked.

It is, so to speak, a through the looking glass view of the story of the wizard of oz,


since Oz was

actually meant as a parable about the dangers of the US not being on the gold standard,

means what?

That the slightly sick-making green everywhere in Wicked is about the copper standard?

No, actually, in my opinion, Wicked is a product of our time.

Take a wonderful, very beloved story,

like Oz,

and rewrite it, technically,

pointing out how the witch who is supposedly evil is actually being maligned,

and we are all surely actually a little wicked.

Something that is, I am sure, true.

And surely correct, and fair, and politically correct, and socially helpful,

but darn it,

sometimes you just want to watch minkies flying out as hoards from a castle,

and watch water being dumped on evil,

and fever with the heroes,


in the end,

the good guys win.

It’s heart warming,

stress releasing,

makes you glow all over,

and then go out

and do random acts of kindness.




did good.

And you want to be part of that.

Which, in my opinion, is not relative.

It is in us.

As is wickedness.

Which is,

in my opinion,

not relative.

Unless you are talking of  the ultimate wickedness.

Relative style.

For there is no one, anywhere,

who can injure us more,

find just the exact spot where the weakness is,

time it perfectly to injure to the maximum,

and then put the boot in,

than relatives.

Who know so much more about you than others,

And are often, unfortunately, unable to verbalize their problems.

So how about this…?

Say, for about just for a week,

although, in my opinion, forever would be better,

we focus on staying with the good,

copying the positive,

being kind to family,

And then passing on the resulting positive feelings to the outside world,

and see if the social problems we are so het up about at the moment,

don’t, if not go away, at least shrink a bit,

if we develop a good feeling for what is right,

and listen to what others are saying.

Hey, how hard is it to occasionally say,

in the words of my Australian girl friend,

“not bad, old sausage?”

copyright Dunnasead.co 2015 All rights reserved

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