The Year of Cozy

This is the year of cozy.

At least if you live in a cave with no radio, tv, or internet.

Not to mention running water.

In the other world,

with all those necessary, or not, things,

we are being faced contstantly with controversy:

the foremost of  which is… yes…the political.

Which controversy?

You choose.

The list is endless.

Then there are the social problems:

take part, change things, meet opposition, get an ulcer, retire to Montana.

Darwinism at its purist.


Wear an electronic fitness armband, have your data analyzed.



I’m waiting for the day when someone five pounds overweight gets a warning-

for breathing too much of someone else’s air,

or putting out too much co2-

global warming R US ?

The trick, as I see it, is to think outside the box.

And, in the words of the immortal… (I’m sure you will find it on the www)

Work what you are working with.

And what is working.


Runners, professional atheletes, square dancers-

all part of global warming.

Of course, the professional  atheletes will get a rebate on the new global warming tax.

For bringing in the sports fans.

Selling is the new enlightenment,

all hail the new groovy, summer of love.

Yours at time-warner and on e-bay and amazon.

So back to cozy.

A warm bath?

Save water.

Comfort food?

Diet police.

A long walk?

A need for new hiking shoes.

Made in a foreign country? Children’s work? Sweat shops?

The list is endless.

Drive to an event-


Take the local transit-

up your chances of meeting the product of overfilled prisons.

And then there are the choices.

Is a train ticket for a year, at an astronomical price, but with unlimited travel, as long as you stay out of the rush time, and free transit to the border, but you have to pay as soon as you cross state lines,

better than a train ticket for six months, first class or second class, inland or …

This year, I’ve made my decision…

The year of cozy.

After yoga and chi gong,

to an instruction cd played by an rechargeable battery,

recharged by my husband on a bicycle-

he won’t mind,

I shall cook by a microwave I power the same way.

To save energy, I am now reading books.

Fast regrowing bamboo paper Murder mysteries  give me a vicarious thrill somehow…


Oh, and our lighting is now a bottle of water mounted into a reflector I put on the roof each morning and bayberry candles made from our garden.

For emergencies, we have a flashlight you pump by hand.

And wind energy from the windmill in our garden pumps the water.

It also scares the birds,

and small animals that eat the food in our hydroponic garden.

Although I may start planting pot soon,

since that appears to be the only plant certain states of the union encourage you to grow.

Which reminds me.

I have to close now.

I just got back from my ten mile walk to work, and had to recharge the battery of the recorder  to make mp3 files for my students,

So I’m just too tired to get on the bike one more time,

And my husband isn’t here to take over for the computer-update.

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