Family Size

This blog was suggested by Maria for the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium.

Since our goal is to show as many standpoints as possible in life, I’ve done my ten finger warm-ups, and am ready to type.

Here goes.

Family size could be a study of the number of members  a family should have.

Since this is a more than a hot topic in our modern society, I’ve said all I’m going to say on this.

It could also be a study of clan meetings-

no, not that kind-

personally, I am a firm believer in the fact that the only thing sheets should be used for is bedding-

no, what I really meant here is:

there are so many Irish clans

(and Scots, and Welsh)

who make a huge attempt to keep track of everyone,

(bet you didn’t know that, according to Irish central in Chicago, America was discovered by the Irish)

link ancestral trees, have cultural- and sports events-

and here, a mighty thanks to all the great chiropractor and dentists,

who probably wouldn’t have as much work if not for Gaelic football, rugby, or the throwing of whatever that giant telephone pole is called,

that clan, and family size, really do start to count.

then there is the question of the other family size

as in-

is a particular box of cornflakes big enough for a family of four for a week, a family of three for three weeks, a family with teens until tomorrow.

And price, of course.

If a box of corn flakes for four costs twice the price of the box for ten from a cheaper company and less quality, when do the two boxes pass the bathtub with a hole that leaks water and was last seen half way between the train depots of Kansas and Albuquerque.

And why on earth are we eating cornflakes.

Is it a question of cornsumption

cornsumers corncern for better nutrition.

Or just part of the new program for corn math?

So many questions, so little time.

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  1. 1. thank you. love your blog on the topic.
    2. Chopin.
    3. No matter, they still are better than blood sausage and fried eggs. Not to mention baked beans, oh horrors. (actually, I usually eat cottagecheese and fresh fruit.)


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