Be Kind To Your Web-footed Friends

I have a lot of web-footed friends in my life-

first, and foremost, of course, being querquedula querquedula L,

the wonderful cute  waddling beasts that quack me up.

(and leave a lot of duck surprise on the ground as they waddle their way to the pond in our area for their early morning swim and all you can eat worm buffet-   champaign extra)

Then there are their human counterparts-

minus duck surprise, thank heavens.

  1. querquedula sporticus L: the neighbor who wears only a white ribbed jersey undershirt and under shorts as he walks his rounds and stops in front of our house to do his exercises. believe it or not, we live in a fairly decent neighborhood.  blessed be those that can still laugh after a house fell on them.
  2. his wife, querquedula prosperous L, member of the daughters of the duck revolution, who never leaves the house, and who watches that the curtains are white enough and the cars and garbage cans are mathematically lined up, because it could pull her property values down.
  3. politicus von querquedula-  knows all the statistics for every military action since the time of Caesar’s bello Gallico, replays the entre constantly.
  4. politicus von querquedula activus- always marching and writing something
  5. Ludvig van drake who holds lectures. Did you know the average glow-worm population has reached the …
  6. Gyro Gearless always inventing something and expects you to take part. not so bad actually. Just watch out he doesn’t borrow your bicycle to power his experiment.
  7. Querquedula querquedula Daisy- wears clothes out of the ducks of Hazard and can’t find her way to the ladies room without someone from the group going along to hold her hand.
  8. Pontificus von querquedula, who knows the world is going to hell in a handbasket and can’t wait to tell you how.
  9. Querquedula querquedula Tilly- always off to save someone or something. does yoga in her backyard-with forty friends, looks in your garbage to see if you are vegetarian, and always is off to someplace- like the salad bar at Wendys, the two dollar film special, the fifty percent off sale at the yard-goods store, the save the whales foundation… and insists you come along.
  10. And…at place number ten, and so frequent you can’t live without them….web freaks. Who talk power, bytes, a web site you just have to see.

Now to see if any of them have read my webpage.

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