Grey Hair-And Other Myths

Grey hair is a myth.

One of those urban stories people tell you to make you feel bad about yourself so you buy some product or other,

or sit around contemplating split ends

while they go off and get all the prizes in the world they are working so hard to make youth-oriented.


And get ready for this blazing burst of the obvious:

the ones creating all this grey thing,

and there aren’t really as many as you think,

can’t keep up.

With wisdom,


a big heart

(actually found at all ages)

since we “oldies” don’t have to work as hard as they do to do what they are doing-

been there, done that-

and have time to consider the real world,

and the implications on others of what we do.

Instead of chasing the unimportant.

So what can we panthers- forget the grey-

do about this?

  1. hand them a lollipop. perhaps not so good when a group of them get together to use Daddy’s money to buy the company you are working for.
  2. Stand above it.

As in:

either dye the hair and play the game,

or mentally dye the hair and play your own game.

How does this work?

Those of us writing blogs,

or larger things,

know you are any age you feel.

And can be any person you feel.

I recognize that the social media spend their lives “exposing” people who claim they are twenty and actually have grey hair.

Let them.

If your heart, soul, spirit, joie de vivre want to walk on a wall,

eat nothing but ice cream for a day,

go to an all-night party and not get home till 6 am,

take the consequences for it,

then just DO IT.

As long as none of the friends or family suffers

(hey, you don’t have to really tell everyone what you are doing, do you?)

And if they do catch you walking on a wall, eating ice cream, going to a party,

Call it premature senility.

As long as they have a label you are safe.

Just watch out that they don’t decide to have you committed for the inheritance.

Tie it up so if they try the dog gets it all.

So what, exactly is the real problem with grey?

A society ruled by finances and computers-

Where the ones coming up think the older are worthless because it gives them a chance?

And when was it ever different?-

(“trust no one over thirty”-

“Soylent Green”)

but now, unfortunately, we have the means for a small handful to be truly injurious of others.

And invasive.

(And you wonder why we can’t get good political candidates?)

There are MAJOR exceptions to this scenario, however,

and here, a HUGE vote of admiration for the best of the modern best,

including the younger members of my direct family,

who not only work full-time, go to school, take care of a child,

they also work in the community.

Helping the homeless,

and the hungry.

These are wonderful young people, who would never consider grey hair even worth consideration,

because they know what is important in life.

And they certainly aren’t the only ones out there.

So why are we even mentioning g*** hair?

Only good matters in life.

Hair doesn’t fall into that category.

This topic was proposed by Ramana of the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium.

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and see what they have to say.

copyright 2015

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