Month: November 2015

Re: No Vation

The urban dictionary defines vation as: aggravation, aggression, and irritation combined. All in one. In one fell swoop. Now I know that this probably wasn’t what Maria had in mind when she set this theme for the FLBC, but to me, trying to keep my head above water in this more and more Orwellian world,…

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Over Spending

This article is over spending. Everybody does it. Spending, I mean. No matter how you TRY to save… You wake up one morning, and find a hole in the sole of a shoe. Hey, ok, by the book… you wake up one morning, and while getting dressed you find… Can I continue now? So now…

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Blues. Just the sound of the word brings up images. Blues in the night. St. Louis blues. Old time, deep south, hot sultry, no sound but the crickets and mosquitos, too hot to sleep, so you lie there, sweat soaked, tossing and turning, moaning about everything that is bad in your life and doesn’t look…

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