Got Those Low Down, Sneakin’ Yellow-Bellied People-Watchin’ Blues

This week I got a noodge on my page.

A suggestion by, (thank you)

that I,

well, not me alone, but a group of writers,

write on the color yellow.

Noodge noodge.

Now yellow is about my unfavoritest color in the universe.

Yellow skies frighten me.

(When you’re from the midwest, you know which kind of weather is coming- and it rhymes with ornate-oh?)

And, since we’re talking about mother nature

and the great outdoors,

Yellow snow is…

Then there are yellow clothes.

Which make me look green with a greenish tinge.

Not that I dislike asparagus, but…

And then, of course,

on an international scale,

yellow is also not really de rigeur…

if you take my drift,


as the wife of a dear friend once told us,

in Japan to be seen in a yellow car is socially unacceptable, since it is the sign of the institutions for the mentally ill, and someone might think they are coming to take you away.

Note to self,

make a note to check out what color  Germans link to mental illness.

Or do they all just drive on the autobahn?

So anyway,

back to yellow.

And as opposed to Japan,

or maybe not,

here in Germany,

yellow is the color of the old postal service-

the one which,

since it  was state-owned, state-run, and civil service,

delivered the mail and did everything else a mail receiving patron could wish for, with precision, correctness, and on time,

but was surly, surly, surly.

And very often downright nasty to the customers.

I once had to repack a package and put on a different label since the ones (1) in the address, without  a left-to right ninety degree upward hook, were non-readable to postal sorters and carriers, and to just change it would make it…uhm…changed.

And we wouldn’t want anyone thinking the post office CHANGED addresses, would we?

And since the contemporary alternative is the  modern PINK Deutsche Post Ag/ t-online and co,

with their little pink phone boxes that look exactly like a primary school child’s first pencil,

(with small windows)

and who are polite, knowledable, forward thinking, smart and with it, and just plain DON’T DELIVER THE MAIL…!

And since I could go on and on and on about what I dislike so intensely about yellow,

I think,


I will try to do something positive,

to up my dharma a bit,

after all the negative pictures floating in my mind lately,

what with the Paris situation,

and the November month of the dead, which is observed BIGTIME in the churches over here,

and the preparation for singing for which starts in July,

And just focus on the beautiful picture of the smiling sun the Hemsley agency sent with their picture.



And then I’ll make a pot of tea,

hey, it’s five in the morning here,

wrap myself in a large warm blanket,

with enough fleece and space for two,

put out an extra cup for my husband Harald,

to try to lure him into the peace, joy, love, and contemplating the warm yellow rays of the sun thing,


ommm yellow yellow yellow…Zzzzz





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