And Gutenberg Lived Here: Over Spending

This article is over spending.

Everybody does it.

Spending, I mean.

No matter how you TRY to save…

You wake up one morning, and find a hole in the sole of a shoe.

Hey, ok,

by the book…

you wake up one morning,

and while getting dressed you find…

Can I continue now?

So now you are in a forced spending situation.

And unfortunately the local shoe emporium is having a two for one sale,

so you make your husband raise his foot,


and discover-

that winter is coming,

and the tread on the feet of your male animal looks remarkably thin

for the ice and snow that is coming,


And then, of course,

while you are standing at the counter,

right in the area of the shoe polish-

which just happens to be the right color for the shoes you just bought,

and also happens to be right near the shoe laces,

which also just happen to be the right color,

since one of the reasons that the shoes are two for one is that

the company made a small mistake,

and put in glow-in-the-dark yellowish-green laces,

for runners,

on winter shoes,

so now you need laces that fit the correct office shoes you just bought,

and which just happen to cost twice what the shoes cost.

Times two.

And when you have added in the shoe spray,

since you have to have a special spray,

and a shoe horn,

inner soles,

air cooled, of course,

gel based walking inlays,

oh, and of course a pump system,

for extra speed,

in case you are running for a bus and it is just a few seconds from pulling out

without you,

as you can see from the evil smile on the face of the bus driver,


All told,

your special half-price two for one sale shoes,

with all the trimmings,

have now reached the price of a week for two in Disneyworld,

including the planefare, airport taxes, meeting with Mickey,

you get the picture…

And while we are on the subject of spending…

Have you ever noticed that drinks in a pub

cost much more than a meal?


P.S. The advent calendar starts next week. Spend a little for those on the streets in the cold if you can.


copyright 2015   All rights reserved.


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