Re: No Vation

The urban dictionary defines vation as:

aggravation, aggression, and irritation combined.

All in one.

In one fell swoop.

Now I know that this probably isn’t what most people have in mind

when they hear the words re: no-vation,

but to me,

trying to keep my head above water in this more and more Orwellian world,

no-vating is just plain more important.


We who enjoy our lives as simply and joyfully as we can,

and try to help others do the same,

often by simply letting them be,

live in a world of naggers, naysayers, and destructive types,

terror-makers who destroy your time, energy, and soul

so they feel secure in their little world where all of them band together

to support idiot causes

like forcing professional musicians to play cheap plastic instruments badly

and in groups,

instead of helping others learn,

to play well,

and in groups.

Or who insist on demonstrating violently for world peace,

or for a particular cause.

(blow up people to save lab rats)

And if you up this kind of “me first, and only me”, a level,

by deciding, and, unfortunately,

in self-named fashion,

acting, for the others,

to the point of wanting to be destructive on the international level,

you get terrorists-

plain and simple destructives who band together to push through what they think.

Or even worse,

think they speak for anyone else.

And have you ever noticed that the very ones who do absolutely nothing in their lives,

have never had a success,

or never known the joy of helping others silently from behind the scenes,

are exactly the ones who become politicians.

So what do we do about this?

I think a lot of countries,

foremost France,

but also America, at the moment,

are doing themselves proud.

France filling the churches, markets, concert halls and dining establishments,

refusing to lower quality of life

in the face of danger.

And the Americans,

who held the 89th Macy’s parade yesterday in the face of the enemy.

What Hermann Hesse called “the laughter of the immortals”

It doesn’t get better than that.

Huge balloons, an entire store marching together, holding the strings,

marching bands,




Santa arriving in a sleigh at the end.

And over here in Gutenberg land, our Christmas market opens today.

The center of which is always the unveiling of the pyramid:

A huge three-tiered wooden construction,

like a slowly circling three-tiered merry-go-round,

traditionally with man and nature on the bottom,

then the Christchild and the manger,

and, on top, God the father, and angels rejoicing.

And in typical Gutenberger style,

ours has carvings of the 05 football team,

if they win,

and local VIPs,

like the organizer of the carnival parade.

(on the bottom row, of course)

Today, Harald and I decided,

after all that has hit us the last few weeks,

it is time to boogy.

First the remainder of the remainder:

a few ugly doctors appointments,

the remaining errands,

the taxes, (by 31 Dec here)

and then,

let the laughter mount.

The Christmas atmosphere,

the whole nine yards.

A wooden ornament for the tree,

as we do each year.

Presents for family,

lebkuchen, with all the spices in the Bible,

singing with the trumpet groups at the market.

Even jingle bells over here.



Copyright 2015  All rights reserved.

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