And Gutenberg Lived Here: Sunday In The Park With George

“White. A blank page or canvas. The challenge: bring order to the whole, through design,  composition, tension, balance, light, and harmony.” Sunday in the Park With George. The musical. by Stephen Sondheim. Based on the George Seurat painting “Afternoon on the Island of Grande Jatte.” Both have always fascinated me. Singly. But what fascinates me […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Pumpkins, Witches, And The Whole Nine Yards

When I decided to write on this topic, I was thinking along the lines of: Halloween. Obviously. It wasn’t until I saw it posted for today, and read the comments, that I saw the whole picture: Of course. The male female thing- and the whole nine yards, and this is the month of: ta da […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: The Season of Drunk Jelly Donuts

Actually, I had been meaning to write this post since the start of the Carnival season, the middle of November, but when I read a marvelous comment- on Bun Karyudo’s terrific  blog- about stream of consciousness and jelly donuts, I knew the time had come. The commenter, it seems, a Brit named David Prosser, mentioned […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Camels, Wise Men, and Star Singers

Although Epiphany, the day of the three kings, is actually on the sixth of January, and is an incredibly popular holiday here, (especially at a certain famous hamburger fast food restaurant, where everyone wants the paper crown so they can be Melchior) the annual “Star Singers Day”  was actually yesterday. So in honor of the […]