And Gutenberg Lived Here: Life Changes: Of Doctor Who, Paul Gallico, And J.K.Rowling

I was raised with Thomasina the cat. Most children of my generation were. Like Greyfriars Bobby, Or National Velvet, it was a combination of animal legend, morals to live by, and a just plain good children’s story. I had no idea at the time it was the work of Paul Gallico. Many years later, home […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Life Changes Part Three: Marriage? Where’s The Dowry?

Some time ago, a fellow blogger mentioned her wedding, and the place a dowry holds in Northern Ireland. That got me thinking about my family. Generations of hardworking Irish-Americans. Puritan preachers, farmers, mill owners, And horse trainers. Lots of love, but not much need for a dowry. Until, one day, the good fairy of the […]