And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Easter Eggs And Hot Cross Bunnies

I’m going to start this post, for the Friday Loose Bloggers, where Shackman at, and Ramana at Ramana’s Musings.wordpress have already posted wonderful ideas, and memories of their pasts, with a joke my brother and I thought was hysterically funny when I was a child-   What happens when you pour hot water down […]

Uncomfortable Situations: And If You Thought THAT Was Bizarre…

The Helmsley, aka Writers’ Den, hint for this week is: Uncomfortable situations. Hmmm… In my life? Where to start. Sleeping: A mother, father, three kids, two dogs, cat, canary, and the chicken… defrosting in the sink and dragged over, and into the bed, by the cat. Probably in case we get hungry in the night. […]