Today On The Social Media

Today on the social media I learned:

that a small fluffy dog actually LIKES wearing flashing sequened shoes,

that dogs do get epilepsy,

and that they often have to wear shoes because of foot allergies.

I learned

how Gordon Ramsey makes braised beef ribs

and that the Irish discovered America.

(And don’t eat corned beef)

I also read a discussion about the differences between centralization

eg in India

and the fact that we are all being herded together-

like sheep by a border collie,

so we can be more easily counted

and financially managed.

And prevented from killing one another.

Instead we just do it step by step

on what should be a personal basis-

but isn’t-

as trolls,

or groups of trolls

on the social media.

Today I was given beautiful new thoughts

and beautiful new literature,

but boiled down into short poetry

and six word novels.

The real novels,

those great big brassy Victorian flower smashers

and doorstop ersatz

can be read on the Gutenberg project

for free.

If you have the right type of kindle

or modern computer

where they can read where you placed your finger on a page,

take fingerprints,

or tell you that,

from that last letter to your brother

they know you need a new computer.

I also read a marvelous thought-

thanks Elan Mudrow-

that things have gone so far that we now need an app

to think of talking face to face with others.

What ever happened to talking around a campfire?

Or on a porch swing

as the heat of the day cools,

and the dark hides faces

so you can truly tell your deepest thoughts

and most important experiences,

with someone who won’t troll you

and follow you from page to page

just because they can.

These snoopers will never understand real communication

or respect

or tolerance of others’ opinions.

Or the right of an individual to say

“Enough. You are injuring me”

And their partner in conversation listens.

And thinks.

And moves to a more conciliatory position.

Because people are important.

And not just car wreck viewing emotion simulators.

Or greed feeders, with a need to see and know everything.

How much depth have we lost by going wide?

How many people are being trolled

because it is unaceptable to be an “over-thinker?”

A trolls’ label, not mine.

If I look at the heroes of my childhood-

Abe Lincoln,

for example,

a deep thinking, kind, caring person who led a war-torn nation-

Today we have been told he is gay

and was married to a bi-polar schizophrenic.

Do the labels change the valor of what he did?


But branding him and his family like that would pull down his way of life.

To make room for what?

Dogs in flashing slippers?

Acceptance of ugliness

instead of the need to change it?

Or prevent it?

Or is the idea to make it so difficult to run for office,

that only the type of candidates we have today in the current US elections


Until no one runs at all.

And we are governed by international finances.

When was the last time you said something significant,

and non job-based,

to another human being?

Or they to you?

(If you type it, it doesn’t count)

Today I have an appointment to decide a major question with regard to my life.

And afterwards, I shall have coffee with my husband.

And tell him how strong, courageous, and brilliant

and funny

I find him.

And maybe, just maybe,

one day I will start a page where everyone can enter their latest joyous experiences,

and positive ideas,

and wish everyone else on the page well.

Now that, to me,

would be real social media.

copyright 2016

2 thoughts on “Today On The Social Media

  1. Perhaps Abraham Lincoln was gay and perhaps he wasn’t. In my view, he was an equally great figure either way. Incidentally, when you say the Irish discovered America, do you mean St. Patrick on his rock? I heard about this story in an Irish folk song many years ago.

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