And Gutenberg Lived Here: Yo Ho Ho, It Wasn’t From Me

Yesterday I got a notification that a blogpost I didn’t write

had been sent out in full force,

and was now being followed by two new bloggers.

Which is a cute trick, since,

as I just said,


Yo ho ho.

I had been pirated.

At WordPress.

And the worst of it is:

the person absolutely can’t write.

Lousy syntax.

Worse grammer.

No imagination.

The point being:

I started a blog.

the Dogwood Gazette,

in August 2015,

as a test.

And the first two chapters went so well,

and I like them so much,

I decided to turn it into a small-town murder mystery.

And just left it sit while I worked on plotting, etc.

Then came a few, to say the least, personal serendipities,

and a lot of great chances to make music,


So yesterday, someone, either out of hate,

or in his personal desire to make himself

no matter what, an author,

sent out chapter three.

As I mentioned, badly written,

and possibly just for the bucks,


and here is the real point,

there just plain is no joy in it.

It is written by someone who,

and here, I will give them the benefit of the doubt,

is possibly trying to copy others,

since he himself has no own style.

It is a copy.

And what is missing is,

in my opinion,

the most important weapon we have,

after our personal faith and beliefs:


Joy in the wonder of the creation.

And everything in it.

And that we still breath,

which totally amazes me, as a function.

And our heart beats.


And that we love.

And enjoy.

Despite all that can happen to us.

You, Captain Pegleg,

who lifted my page,

don’t even begin to get it.

You are commercial, massive, and cheap.

Vive la difference.

Ps. I have now crashed the Dogwood page.

If it doesn’t come from me, here, at Quahog,

it ain’t the real thing.

Joy, peace, love, and believe in yourself.

You are unique.

copyright 2016 All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “And Gutenberg Lived Here: Yo Ho Ho, It Wasn’t From Me

  1. I like the name of your blog, and though I don’t find it funny or cool that you got hacked, I do like how you got another blog post out of it…….unique in action!

    Keep Writing,

    Zulu Delta

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Zulu Delta. That to me is what life is about. If you get run over by a lemon truck, get up and make lemonade. Love your blog too. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Not a clue. As I just wrote itsathought2, I assume someone wanted to try something out and got carried away? At least I hope it wasn’t malevolent. At least this page is better guarded.


  3. How weird. Why in the world would someone do that? Was it perhaps a genuine attempt by someone who was so sucked into the beginning of the story that they needed to finish it, so they started to? Its odd.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. not a clue. And I find it beyond odd. Not to mention the question of how they got on my page?
      But where there are people, odd things happen. The quahog page is better guarded, so…. thanks for the trust that they maybe liked the story, though. I’m actually assuming it is maybe someone doing style exercises? Anyway, thanks for coming by.

      Liked by 1 person

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