And Curiosity Lived Here: I’ve Always Wondered…

-Why people have to compete with each other.

Isn’t it enough that each of us has a very own, God-given talent, and reason to be here,

and it’s our job to see that we progress the way we are meant to.


-Why some people don’t work on themselves, but spend their lives attacking others.

Surely they must realize they are only doing it because it takes less effort?


-Why the world is filled with  people who think that wealth, knowledge, political power,

makes them more important than others.


-Why the world consists of witches and witch-hunters-

ie those that create things,

and those want to steal those things to sell them. Or power-broker them.


-Why people think that if you don’t take part in something they are doing

you are against them.


-Why a day always has well over twenty-four hours.

Especially when stuck in a team meeting.


-Why when a committee sets out to make a horse, it turns out as a camel.


-Why the dark side of the force always appears to be winning,

even though, in the long-run, it always loses.


-Why the good die young, and the bastards just seem to live forever.

or maybe it just seems that way.


-Why the buttered side of the bread always lands face down on the floor,

unless you are trying to prove it to someone.


-Why dogs and small children always want to be picked up by someone in a white suit.

Usually on the day of a job interview.


-Why when daylight savings time starts, if you turn the clocks forward,

without telling the others in the house, they will also turn the clocks forward.

Again and again and again.

which is fine if there are thirteen of you. Otherwise…


-Why if someone is bright, funny, joyous, and full of creative mischief, you have such a

hard time making them palatable to your in-laws.

But they can become one heck of a good friend.


-Why most people think only of negative things when they say this is taking an eternity.


-Why when you write down things you sincerely think about on a blog,

It always ends up sounding like a hallmark card.


Ps For those of you wondering why there is air:

because we don’t have gills.


copyright 2016   All rights reserved.

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