And Gutenberg Lived Here: Rabbit Rabbit

Here in Gutenberg land, we’re big fans of all-purpose curse removal.


the exchange of:

“rabbit rabbit,”

“rabbit rabbit rabbit,”

“white rabbit,”

“rabbit rabbit white rabbit,”

or even

“rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit, rabbit rabbit.”

Try that one three times out loud,

before coffee,

and I don’t know about the one full month of good luck guaranteed by the believers in this,

but I do guarantee that,

should you actually manage to get your mouth around this,

and that first thing in the morning,

you won’t have much of a problem with anything else this month.

So what does “rabbit rabbit” have to do with the rest of the world?

Not much, I have to admit.

I found out about it from a girlfriend,

an American whose parents immigrated from iceland,

and ran a tree farm in Wisconsin.

So I always sort of thought it was one of those troll things the Icelandics are known for.

(Like the fact that,

if you haven’t heard this before,

Iceland’s department of public works always consults someone who speaks for the elves before building roads.

Otherwise you get hot lava and boiling water emerging from water pipes,

or in one case, over seventy thousand fish dead overnight.

Those are SOME powerful trolls.)

So anyway,

having lived here for more than a few years,

I discovered that the Gutenberger, with their propensity for “rabbit rabbit,”  have the Icelandic trolls beat into a top hat.

And having seen a picture, while researching, of a rabbit,

being carried by a normal sized full-grown human being type owner,

that was, rabbitly speaking,

about the size of a great dane-

Did I mention that one of the favorites in the many MANY Ancient Order of the Prize Rabbit Raisers stationed here in Gutenberg land-

(who do NOT come out and pick up

when you discover something huge with monstrously long and floppy ears hopping down a major road-

believe me. I tried it.)

-is the Belgian Giant.

A sort of bright blue rabbit djinn.

With the girth of approximately that of a California redwood,

and a facial expression of “don’t say the magic word, and you will end up in MY casserole today.”

Not that that is that much different than meeting up with Gutenberger on the magic “Lapin Lapin” day.

(Gutenberg land was French protectorate for a while.)

Lift the hat, bow the head, and speak the magic words upon meeting a Gutenberger,

or you spend the day getting instruction in the art of removing curses with tongue twisters:

“brautkleid bleibt brautkleid, und blaukraut bleibt blaukraut.”

Try that one three times before coffee and I guarantee you will still be at it at the end of the month.

Still and all,

it is,

in these, in my opinion, crazy, political, and over-computerized times,

good to know that there are still silly things,

like giant blue seventy pound rabbits,

with ears as long as your arm,

and a facial expression like a librarian when you tell them you lost a book,

(don’t even THINK about it)

that you can greet with all the joy and absurdity due to them,

and they will fight your dragons

and sweeten your dreams

for an entire month.


maybe we should try that with other things.

“Elefant Donkey, Elefant Donkey, Elefant Donkey.”

copyright 2016

2 thoughts on “And Gutenberg Lived Here: Rabbit Rabbit

  1. I wasn’t sure if you were serious about the elves bit, so I checked on Google and found an article from the UK Guardian newspaper about that very thing. Amazing. I wonder if they have someone speak for the rabbits too. 🙂

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