Peace Of Mind, Minding For Peace

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Topic suggested by Ramana, of Ramana’s

Who surely has something pieceful in mind.

Hopefully peaceful.

Shackman of Shackman Speaks at blogspot I just read.

And found it very straight-up Shackman:


And insightful.

Good luck with the kids, S.

And as for me,

the problem is that,

as S-man often says,

I’m one of those types who sees things from many angles at the same time.

Perhaps too many years on the uneven parallel bars.

So when it comes to peace of mind:

I see a Yin-Yan expanded to Hegelian tri-leveled,

modified with just a smidge of Freudian id, ego, superego


Ok. For the real take,

here it is.

We have God, family, and things.

A spiritual side, human side, earthy side.

To have peace,

mind them.

Take care of family.

Known, where I’m from, as minding them.

And make sure, when you mind them, you mind them.

Ie listen when they talk.

It makes living a whole lot easier.

Then there are things:

If you have them,

but hopefully not too many,

mind them.

Wash cars, clean houses, do the drudge work. It keeps you healthy and in the long run, you, or your family profit by living with it, or selling it later.

And also mind what they mean.

I just had a great talk with Grannymar and a couple of great needle ladies on her page, about remembrance of family.

And what the tiny little bits and pieces packed in “keeping paper” and handed on mother to daughter, or even gggm to ggm to gm, to daughter, really signify.

Everyone has one of those bits.

In my case, a quilt, made by grandmother, and with bits of summer dresses from gggm, ggm, gm, for the wedding of my parents.

Our grandparents knew the comfort there is in knowing and remembering that family is always with us.

No matter what.

The call of the blood.

And the call of the spirit,

given us at conception,


for me,

in Lamb’s blood in the book of Life.

It’s a guide.

Mind it whenever you can.

And always let others follow their own guide.

But, most important,

mind that you stay away from those

who lie cheat steal and manipulate.

And if you can’t do it any other way,

and even turning the other cheek doesn’t work,

give them a piece of your mind.

It’s good for your peace of mind.

copyright 2016

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