No, It Isn’t Beethoven

This is my last blog for the Friday Loose Bloggers.

There are several reasons for this.

  1. first and formost, my agreement to write for them was based on the words “a group of eight of us, all countries, all religions, all political standpoints,  submit titles, then write on the topic from all angles. IN TOLERANCE AND MUTUAL RESPECT.    The reality, was that there were never really consistently more than the three of us, Ramana and Shackman, talking about death, the past, problems and aging, with me putting in the only positive topics, occasionally supported by a few of the others, many of whom truly were decent, tolerant, and having their own opinions, and therefore kept their distance.
  2. inclusion. A taoist parable was used to avoid taking a position against the hate and violence toward consortium members, in my opinion, either cowardice or misguided principle. Turning your back on evil leads to genocide, incest, child abuse… And, in the case of the LBC,  several who no longer want to write. By allowing a,  in my personal opinion, extremely aggressive unstable individual, who has chased eight stable and wonderful bloggers, and now me, off the page with her system of studying their page, finding the weak link, and attacking that person, until the person who has blocked her writes on her page. And lets her write on theirs. In my case, the taunts were of how she would teach me to stop living like a child if I just let her teach me how to use hate as a weapon, write my page “correctly,” since she knows better,  and stop doing anything joyful, since to her, success is vanity. No, thank you.
  3. no respect, no money. The consortium earned money. The only person they didn’t bother to tell was me.

oh, and as to the topic for today:

there are two sentences that, even though musicians admire and are thankful for those that are looking for a common ground with them, that mean they will never be allowed to be off duty: don’t you love Brahms, and is that Beethoven.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

p.s. Shackman, I considered you a friend. And offered to write with you, due to your great talent. Just not on the internet.

copyright 2016 All rights reserved.



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Teacher, Musician, Composer, Conductor, Writer. Sometimes the one, sometimes all. Life is good.

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