My Hippie Name? Generation Pig-headed

Anyone else out there notice

that since the animal rights people started to go against branding animals,

we started “branding” people?

You have, of course, the standards:

3 picture identification cards required for financial transactions,

Masses of different forms of social media:

“choose one word that describes you”

who’s on,

What’s up,

people check,

“If you had a hippie name what would it be?”

(read on, we will give you one)

drivers’ license number,

“what is your dream car”

social security “last four please”


“1111 isn’t really good. Click here and we will read all of your brandings and generate you one”

post box combinations

“if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

and bike lock, car alarm, and locker numbers.

“please do not use Daisy Duck 2”

And as if that isn’t enough digit-al challenging,

now we have been assigned to a “generation.”

Starting way back when the US census bureau noticed a bump in the birth rate,

and named it the “baby boomers.”

It seemed easier to explain that way, apparently.

Baby boomers were those born between 1946, and 1964.

Those who started as the joy of being alive after the second world war ended,

and ended with the introduction of the pill.

The generation of Fountainhead Revisited, Catcher in the Rye, and Laugh-in.

Then, one day, in a fit of remembrance born of a great sense of observation, and the need to get things down,

Tom Brokaw branded the “Greatest generation:”

those who fought in WWII,

and produced the baby boomers.

The Generation of Showboat, South Pacific, Father Knows Best, and Leave It to Beaver.

Good, kind, decent, hard-working,

with plans for their offspring.

Who still had names,

even if they were often Junior

and Bubba.

But not R2D2 at

And since it was all good,

and people felt better in a crazy world with something to hang on to,

the Harvard Center invented generation x-

Born 1965-84

this was the so-called ” baby bust” generation,

so say they ie someone whose hippie name is probably harvest moonsong

at the Harvard center,

and “generation y”

by those

not called harvest moonsong,

who didn’t know what else to call the children born from anywhere from mid seventies to mid 2000 in general-

a  generation made up of in-betweens-

not cool like the generation before,

but not really enough kids to make up a generation as defined by the Harvard Center.

And then we have the Millenials:

born between 1982-2004

as named by Strauss and Howe

(curious bear, and note-taking water buffalo?)

who define it as an age of:

cultural minorities only,


and virtual communication.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Time will tell.

My real favorite, though,

put together,

in my opinion,

when someone needed a finale to their piece on the generations,

is the TBD (to be decided) generation:

kids born in the last ten plus years,

who still have to be “defined”

ie branded,

ie no information on them.


Until they choose their hippie name

“He who plays baseball?”

“He who is running bare-oops bear, ”


“He who likes orange popsicles?”

Enjoy, kids.

Or until the list of their favorite music gets collected.

And maybe that is the answer for the generation name.

The Justin Bieber generation.

Or the new generation y?

Maybe the generation y not.

A generation, in my opinion,

with just as many smarts,

just as much talent,

and potential,

as the greatest generation.

If we teach them to use it.


at least in an article I just read,

they are momentarily defined,

in my opinion,

in such a way

that writers and pseudo-prophets have a group to call the potential worst.

Hey all you great kids of the post-millenial generation:

Stop chasing Pokemons,

and use your own talents.

Show them how wrong they are.

Do it for the Gipper.

Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

One thought on “My Hippie Name? Generation Pig-headed

  1. Out loud, loud and clear. And when you’re right, you’re right. Like those names people used to use when they wrote the agony aunts in the newspapers. “Dear Abby…My dog insists on stealing the neighbor’s newspaper. What shall I do. sign me bemused.” At least we don’t have Pokemon names. Yet. Thanks for writing.


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