Reading Trinity’s blog yesterday,

something well worth doing,

I discovered she is taking part in something called the A through Z challenge.

And is up to X

Which got me thinking.

Always a dangerous situation.

(No, that is not D)

And since I have a (very) few minutes to write this morning

(no, that was not V)

I thought I would hit a few keys

Metaphorically speaking

(no, that was not M)

and see what comes out.

So here are the few tiny wisps of alphabetic information

sliding joyfully and synaptically

through my mind at the moment:

(maybe that was W)

Here goes:

A is for Alliteration:

As in

All aardvarks advance adventurously Atlantic-wards.

(Except that  alliteration is only for consonants. How awkward.)

belligerently, the badgers block their path.

Centipedes drum their legs in concern.

Daringly, the aardvarks advance.

Denying their definition.

Eventually, elephants,

alliterative existence endangered,


Ta ru ta ru

(neither t nor r)

Forward-facing frontline fish fan fins ferociously.

Galloping griping gnus

gather gourmet pomegranates.

Harlequin haardvarks

(the h-inserting among the English non-alliteratives)

hurriedly hand round Harrow applications.

innumerable itinerant iguana

identify with the cause,

joyfully joining.


Lemurs and Linns lovingly letter-

in  linux-

while marsupials munch mapples

(m-inserting, since from down under)

and make maps

for naked mole-rats

busy (k)nitting nighties

to sooth the sensibilities  of non-nudist neighbors

like the overly optimistic otters

or over-feathered ostriches,

who know that

perpetual perambulation persuades.

Quite quickly.

Right, wrote the wrought-up

Right we have, right we are.

And right we turn,

squeaked the sentient but somnambulant

Tuer mouse (a German dormouse)

Trying to get a word in

in the terrifying alliterating tumult.

Useful, said the uakari monkey,

red in the face from the exertion of alliterating.

Very very,

added the vole,

who normally had his abode in the home of the verger

of Westminster cathedral.

X-cept for


when he decided to join

the assonance-accepting alliterators

of the zoo-zone.


copyright 2016

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