And Gutenberg Lived Here: How Do You Learn To Sing Ancient Chinese?

Sunday night was one of those moments musicians live for. The concert venue’s atmosphere was perfect: St Augustine’s: A gorgeously renovated true baroque of a baroque church (even if the local fire ordinances insisted the pyramid for lit votive candles, right next to the ancient filigreed wooden railings, has to have a smoke hood with […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Hey, Guys- So Which Genius Invented A Parsley Anniversary Already?

Today is our anniversary. And a so-called round anniversary at that. No, not parsley which is twelve and a half. (yes, I know, but believe it or not, Germans, as apparently the only ones in the world, I sincerely hope, celebrate 12 1/2 by tacking a pound and a half of parsley on the bride […]

No, The N.orthern E.ngland, S.outhern S.cotland and I.rish E.levated Isn’t In Loch Ness.

Maybe it’s the weather. Or my crazy family…students…landlord…musicians I work with… you get the picture, But lately, I’ve just been in the mood to write weird and unusual blogs. Like the one about Irish duck feet. And Disney. Or Nobel prize winners who eat eggs from water glasses, or the Sherlock Holmes phenomenon. More about […]

The Irish Duck Foot Versus The Magic Kingdom. Discrimination?

“I read the news today, oh boy.” Yup, geek news will get you every time. Like the note I found in my mailbox this morning about the fact that Disneyworld, aka the Magic Kingdom has patented a recognition system FOR FEET! After which, ie having pattern-recognized your tiny little size 46 sneakered tootsies, you will […]