And Gutenberg Lived Here: The New Technology: Bowling For Partners

I keep swearing to myself I will stop reading the geek news,

but somehow it is just so darned entertaining.

Even for those of us who don’t,

like my scientist husband Harald,

roll on the floor laughing and beating our fists into the carpet

because half of the stuff the “physicists” write on the blackboard

in photographs for the lay reader,

or during sci-fi films,

or t.v. programs,

hasn’t even the most minor connection to the real world they work in,

(apparently, from what he says, it’s like pretending you are cooking

when the ingredients are soap and wet toilet paper.)

So anyway,

in this case,

the techies at Pokemon Go,

no, I won’t write another blog on them,

this is about something else,

have now decided to make an app,

(still not about Pokemon go)

which pairs up Pokemon fans for one free  date

(really, I promise, it’s not about Pokemon go)

before they start charging for the privalege.-

What else ?

Which, of course got me thinking…

Uh oh, here it comes again.


If there are companies that link people,

(THIS is what it is about)

and companies that link people in speed-dating situations,

and companies that link those who follow a technological game

that from now on shall remain nameless,

why shouldn’t someone

(And here I enter my copyright to the idea.

Mr Zuckerberg, please feel free to make me an offer…)

that what we really need, is

ta da…

speed dating by hobby.

For example.

Assuming, on a Friday night, you wish to go bowling.

You go down to the lane,

pay an extra five dollar fee,

and voila…

speed bowling.

Each woman is assigned a lane.

The men move at the sound of the bell.

There is a ten minute interval between frames

for the couple to talk.

At the end of nine frames,

the couples who wish to continue are paired for bowling.

And more discussion.

Where it goes from there is their business.

But, of course, it doesn’t really have to be bowling.

Fly fishers could meet on Saturday morning,

the women have a fixed place on the bank,

the men move up and  down stream.

A half hour of fishing, a ten minute talk,


Saturday afternoon:

robot wars.

The women and men are paired off singly  in robot wars.

The goal being to destroy the other’s robot,

after which the winner has to help the other repair the damage.

Discussion follows, and voila….

On Sunday…

A wedding with robot attendants,

each controlled by a bride’s maid,

or groom’s man.

As to the hen night,

or bachelor party,


I think, here, it might be better to let the veil of christian charity

drop over the entire situation.

(For me, the concept of a robot trying to jump out of a cake

is somehow just too grotesque.)

As to the wedding, however,

perhaps they could have a triple wedding-

with the drinks provided by the bowlers,

and the fish main course by the trout fishers.

(With shrimp cocktail from the bait supply store for the other anglers they know.)

And bread balls filled with baked beans.

I would suggest avoiding the throwing of worms,

or the release of flies

as a symbol of abundant fertility.

It could perhaps be excused as part of the world heir (and a spare?) only program.

Oh, and the dancing.

I can easily picture the fun of the dancing afterwards,

with couples in bowling shoes,

and waders,

and anti-static shoes

all dancing to everything

from techno hip-hop,

to “I’ve been framed,”

to the wonderful lyrics

of Isaac Walton’s “the angler”

as the bridal dance.

As to the cake, though,

although I could easily picture the three layers

each with its favorite bowling balls and pins,

(fertility symbols?)

different types of joyfully leaping fish,

(to wish them joy)

and favorite types of robot warriors,

(perhaps so they fight with robots and not with each other?)

And, as the bowlers and fishermen cross pins,

and angler rods,

to form the tunnel the couple must walk through,

and the robots hand round the champagne glasses,

the couples move to…

sorry, but somehow the thought of a robot with a cakeknife….

copyright 2016 All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “And Gutenberg Lived Here: The New Technology: Bowling For Partners

  1. Too bad. I love watching someone throw a bowling ball across to the next lane. Or knock down all ten by sliding down the alley. As to the robot wars, I actually have a friend who used to play for the Rolling Brains. I once threatened my husband if he dragged me along to watch I’d do my cheerleader bit. You know “Go brains, go brains, knock ’em flat. Tin can flat…” Hm looks like I’m as good at cheerleading as you are at bowling.


  2. The speed dating possibilities are endless once you start putting your mind to it. Personally, I like the robot wars one best. (Letting me loose with a bowling ball is not safe for anyone with a ten-meter radius of me.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thanks so much, Tammy. A visit from you always brings the sunshine. as to the speed dating- yup. I can picture why you would run. I would too. In college, I preferred being the only girl on the judo team. Masses of purple bruises, and pizza with the guys afterwards. Now that was fun. At least the second part.


  4. LOLOL!
    no comment of mine could match the wonderful quick wit displayed here.
    and I would personally run from ‘quick date’ like it was the plague. still… the bowling might be fun…

    Liked by 1 person

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