And Shakespeare Lived Here: Hatch’em, Match’em, Dispatch’em, And Catch’em.

One of the things I love most about the city of London, And I REALLY DO love London- well, maybe not as much as my ‘adopted Londoner’ Welsh friend who has an about one by two foot copy of Big Ben, made out of old wrist watch parts, on the wall next to his bed. […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Sunday, Sun Day, Son Day-An Eco Of Gutenberg Land

Yesterday was thirty-three degrees hot here in Gutenberg Land. Meaning the entire populace was underway- eating ice-cream while dangling feet in the town fountain, looking for a store to browse in that just happen to have air-conditioning. And today being Sunday, And the churches here definitely NOT air-conditined- although the older models- like the oldest […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Live Long And Prosper

Yesterday was not only a big day for sci fi in America- the Gutenberger went all out- from first light, with a camera team and wacky reporter from the second television dressed in full Star-Trek regalia and terrorizing the town with costume department tri-corders to questions to trapped passers-by¬† about what Star Trek means to […]