And Gutenberg Lived Here: Why Are Vampires Buying Brown And Purple Topcoats?

So the last time we met…. I was on my way to a Halloween show that never was, and watching male buddies devour large amounts of dead sea things deep-fried, of course, because… It’s the end of October. (What do you mean, that makes no sense…?) Which over here is one of those “super-weeks.” Sorry. […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Never Go To Something Named “Night Of Horrors”

Have there ever been moments in your life where you looked back on something and thought “Whatever was I thinking?” Ours was a so-called “night of horrors” put on by musicians and a writer I studied with several years ago, who run a marvelous actors company here called Kryptonite Radio Theater. And kryptonite it is. […]

A Day In The Life: How Should I Know Why The Dryer Is Spinning Backwards?

There are moments in any marriage when, no matter how much you love your partner, and I definitely do adore Harold, with every inch of my heart, and soul, but still, there are those moments, when you just want to order a doghouse  from Amazon, and put his stereo and bedding in it, and lock […]

What Happens When An Octobot Meets A Flying Pizza Delivery Drone?

“I read the news today, oh boy…” Geek news. All about: an Octobot- one of those  slimy wiggly eight-armed bots which are “completely autonomous.” Completely autonomous? As in you come home one night and discover that instead of cleaning the house and fixing dinner, it has changed the locks, and is now sitting in your […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Ecology And The Married Girl: Don’t Boar Me.

I read the news today, Oh Boy. Wild boar, once a major threat to life and limb in England- and therefore hunted, and endangered by ecological factors, were once close to extinction. And placed on the endangered list. Then reintroduced, both legally and illegally. Followed by a break-out at a farm, which imported boar from […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: You Can Sit And Do Nothing, And The Grass Will Also Grow- But You Will Never Get A Lawn.

Last night was one of those moments you just wish would go on forever and forever and forever. Three musicians, sixty-ish to eighty-ish, took to the stage, had immediate control over a crowd of over twelve hundred, changed the expectant atmosphere to intent silence, and… No, it wasn’t the Stones. Or the Beach Boys. It […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: The Day Of The Peppermint Astronaut.

It’s cold here. Cold cold cold. White skies. A sharp chill in the air. Sharp like apples taken from a fridge are sharp. And cold. Not that we weren’t expecting this, here in Gutenberg Land. The Christmas deco and marzipan, often called marchepane in English, a candy made of ground almonds and powdered sugar and […]