I Think That I Shall Never See, A Poem Task Well-Writ By Me

I just got told it’s poem day,

and time to put the tome away,

the serious words of Gunga Din,

the  sparks of Shelly, and Franklin’s Ben,

they want our words upon the web,

In Tanka Form and jib jab jeb,

with pictures we must deck the rhyme,

and think but forward in half-time.

A science poem, eloquentry,

with nuts and bolt for geeky gentry,

A pentatonic full of spices

for cooking fans and fans of mices,

you know, that airy mess of chocolate,

you serve when guests are prone to talk a lot

about  the meat you nuke not fry to

squander time in writing haiku.

Mugwump jingles, element’ry

Always sell to parliament’ry,

Brexit, exit, Frexit, coup,

bipity bapity bopity boo.

Cuius Regio, he shall rule-

who poemizes -makes math cool.

Periodic tables can be sung,

if kept in G and  rhymed, by gum.

Need a meme for shopping time,

think absurd, and rhyme rhyme rhyme.

And feminists, both men and women,

like the verb form rhyme rhyome, rhymmen.

But should words fail- and you ad lib it-

the rhyme you must not ere inhibit,

just grab a pen and ink and nib it,

the rhyme for kids is rhyme, rhome, ribbit.

copyright Dunnasead.co 2016

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