And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Presidents And Precedents

One of the most fascinating facts about living in Gutenberg Land

is that when anything happens to do with the US of A,

here called usa,

five minutes later,

the German people have formed an opinion.

Most of the people in our little town have never met an American-

perhaps to shake hands-

but certainly never to ask questions.

They don’t need to.

It is all in the media.

And they have all had English at school-

British English,

usually taught by Germans,

or a few English,

in one case,

even Scottish,

exchange teachers.

A few weeks per year are spent talking about the differences

between England

and America.

With England as the starting point-

after all, we Americans left England to come to America.

English, as a European language,

is considered “better”

ie more cultivated.

Even the Glaswegian I once took over for

was considered easier to understand than we Americans.

And not just from the standpoint of the language.

My standard answer

to things learned here from tv, newspapers

and even high level professional journals,

always judging things starting  with the Gutenberger standpoint


start with the concept that Americans have about as much in common with Europe

as Asians do.

And considering how many Asians study

or work,

here in Europe,

probably even less.

And surprisingly,

once you explain the historical background for something,

and the alternative thinking patterns,

you find a lot of understanding.

But first you have to get through the anger.

Which brings me to yesterday’s inauguration.

I am very very proud of a lot of things that President Trump said.

Not so happy about others.

That is democracy.

But since five minutes after the inaugural speech,

the German press made a statement

reminding people

that the largest market for sales in the world

is still Europe-

I think I will probably be spending the next couple of days explaining things-

and hiding out whenever I can.


due to all the time I spend as unofficial US speaker of the press

here in Gutenberg land,

I often thought I should perhaps collect things.

And write a book.

Or maybe a blog?

I could call it: “And Gutenberg Lived Here”

copyright 2017

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