And Gutenberg Lived Here: Touch A Sleeve, And Hear The Rolling Stones?

I read the news today, oh boy.

All about how in the very near future our clothing is going to be made out of a material

that transports signals,

just like a smart watch.

Except it will be your entire clothing.

Which lead me to the following ideas:

(sorry, I’m one of those people who just thinks this way-)

1. If your entire suit jacket is made out of conductive material, how do you turn it off at a concert or in church? Or other inappropriate moments? ie, if you are hiding out in a parking garage, and a baddie is after you, do you have to pull down a zipper and shrug it off, or does it have a loudness control? Maybe an automatic situation appraising panic button? (asap)

2. If the boss of your company touches your sleeve, do the Rolling Stones suddenly starts     playing ?  Maybe sympathy for the devil?

3. What happens when it rains? Or you forget and wash instead of dry clean do you  suddenly have Elinor Rigby screaming from the dryer?

4. You go to the beach, a seagull lands on your arm, and you have a full battalion  attacking to the 1812 Overture? Or the theme from “The Birds?”

5. Can you borrow a neighbor’s size sixty-two Hawaiian muu-muu to use as a small events hall with piped in music?

6. Will riding a bicycle always be accompanied by a picture before your eyes and the theme music of the wicked witch from Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz- hey, actually, that sounds pretty cool.

7. And what about babies? Are we looking at an entire future generation that grew up thinking that it is normal that a diaper tells them a bedtime story.

Which brings up one more last question:

since we are on the subject of diapers-

how do you get a kid to stay asleep

when his diaper is playing Handel’s Water Music?

copyright 2017


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