And Gutenberg Lived Here: It’s Easter- So Bring On The Minkies

With nuclear threats whirling in the air,

and Gutenberger having to decide if it is safe to go to Easter sunrise service

in the huge cathedral here in Gutenberg land,

the trains threatening to strike,

and rumors of high levels of toxins in the Easter cheese,

the local tv channels here filled the Easter weekend

with the usual biblical epics-

1950’s style,

the big day for Kirk Douglas.

And then there were the anti-programs-

on the happy channels, beautiful pictures

of the local vista points-

cathedrals, huge statues, winding rivers-

taken from the air,

or through the front window of a train.

The history channel’s stories of Sigfried and the Nibelungen,

the creation story of the German people,


get ready for this one-

Japanese monstor films,

and one nature catastrophe film after another.

(we did find one channel that played all-day ie all three days-

wonderful and funny cosy murder mysteries,

about a gigantic Bavarian dialect-speaking detective

who lives with his mother

and irritates the entire corrupt political “amigo system”-

and taped two of them for later viewing-

probably about Christmas,

the way things are going around here at the moment.

So not that Easter has anything to do with tv-

although I once had a dream that CNN was reporting on the crucifixion,

and was physically ill every time I thought of it,

but one of the strangest things about the German idea of

church, walk, eat, walk, coffee and  cake, walk, tv program Easter,

is that,

for some reason,

they have glommed onto the Wizard of Oz.

Which is shown in many many forms here-

from the original-

with Judy Garland,

to the several new modern versions,

to “wicked” the musical.

Which made me wonder,

after watching the news this morning,

all about a French political candidate,

who is using a hologram of himself

to campaign in all points of the French republic

at the same moment,

apparently with great success,

thus proving that he is a populist.

whether Frank Baum,

who actually wrote “The Wizard Of Oz”

as a political parable about the gold standard in the States,

and those who put it on the screen

with Judy Garland,

are now finding that,


their Minkies

are suddenly coming home to roost.

copyright 2017

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