And Gutenberg Lived Here: What Do Isis, Osiris, And The 05 Soccer Team Have In Common?

One of the things you have to learn,

preferably fast,

when you move to Gutenberg Land,

is the fact that everything here has a solid tradition,



and all are written in stone.

Like the legend that the symbol of Gutenberg Land,

Gutenberg University,

and the Gutenberg 05 soccer team,

a white letter y,

contained within a white circle,

and emblazoned on red background,

is the symbol for a wagon wheel.

The personal

“remember how far I have come”

story of a cartwright’s son,

who, somehow, mystically-

as in, “so how did he learn to read and write-

and in Latin, no less?” –

got himself trained, consecrated,

and made head bishop of the Dom-

the major cathedral in Gutenberg Land.

Except, unfortunately, that he didn’t.

I mean, of course, he somehow was trained.

And consecrated.

And became bishop,

If the history books are right,

Of the Gutenberg Dom.

Where his picture was placed in stained glass.

Much later, I assume.

With his symbol of the wagon wheel

to remind him of his simple beginnings.

Could it be that one of the monks found a secret copy

of the story of Dick Whittington’s Cat

in the secret library

set up by that famous Name of the Rose monk

William of Baskerville?


you see,

the secret

that has been blasted out for years,

by historians,

but never really heard by anyone,

because the locals like the legend of the wagon wheel,

and it makes it easier for locals to remember the names of the bishops,

which you have to recite when you take a visitor to the Cathedral,

or they revoke your right to take place in the Carnival  parades on Rose Monday,

is that:

get ready:

the “wagon wheel”

which is now proudly worn on the shirts

of the famous Gutenberg 05 soccer players,

and is on the buses,

and on statues,

and in front of the University,

is not,


a wagon wheel.


it is actually,

get ready,

The Celtic symbol for Mogu,

the sun-god,


through the centuries,

popped up everywhere here,


since no one, not even the Catholic Church

wanted to destroy ancient monuments,

like the ancient Isis-  Magna Mater temple

which brings in thousands of tourists each year….

And so,

ta da.

Once was Mogu,

now is Willigis.

Worn proudly by the red and white-clad,

including parallel red and white combat stripes across their cheek bones,


six-year olds,

and dogs in full soccer uniform,

fans of the famous “Willigis wagon wheel” wearing

Gutenberg 05.

And now you know

The Rest Of The Story.

Copyright 2017

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