And Gutenberg Lived Here: Since When Is A BLT Mathematical?

Today, while typing away at a long piece I am working on,

and getting a bit “Peckish”-

Harold and I grew up on Monty Python-

the derivation of which name I once had to explain to an English class of mine,

to much amusement,

and a whole lot of questions about the historical Monty

(General Montgomery)

he who never went into battle without a full breakfast,

versus the American concept of “the whole nine yards”

(football, of course)

which “whole nine yards,” in British,  is “the full Monty”-

which brought us to a discussion of the film-

a PG about human spirit and survival,

(and male strippers, in case you don’t know)

very popular over here,

And then,

since this language course I was giving is advanced,

and I had to show some value for money,

I taught them the differences between British and American pronunciation,

including the fact that python- pie-thon in American,

in British is pronounced pithin,

which, of course led to-

huge amounts of amusement,

and laughter,

and questions I really didn’t want to answer,

about synonyms for “pithin”

categorized by dialectical origin, if you please,

like I said- advanced,

and finally,

me going home and making myself a BLT.

Well, actually, a haloumi cheese, lettuce and tomato,

and very tasty it was

but still…

So, before I was so rudely interrupted

by trivial,

but educating-

(I is a teacher, remember)

memories from the past,

loop back to the top with me, if you will.

To find our heroine,


typing away,


trying to remember where it was I left H,

my heroine,

I’ll explain some time,

and whether the church is high enough for…

well, you’ll just have to read it,


there is a sudden call from the master’s lair-

“Oh good grief, not BLT’s again.”

“Well, actually, I was planning corn for supper, sweetie, but….”

“no, not that kind of BLT”

“with peanut butter and bacon?…  Cheese and salad?”

“It’s mathematical.”


“Bounded Linear Transformation.”


(it’s best not to disagree when these math fits come over them…

his look said it all:

“It’s functional analysis.”

“I think I’ll go get some ice tea to go with that.”

“No. BLT. You know…”

Oh my, yes. I do know.

Like the conference I accompanied him to-

section topic:  donuts and sombreros,

as in “a topologist is a person who can’t tell a donut from a coffee cup-

But can tell a donut from a sombrero.”

Hey, at least Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to take long walks in,

and the Chinese buffet supper was extraordinary.

Especially since we almost didn’t get to eat it,

since the conference participants refused to leave the table to go to the buffet,

until someone had solved a problem from that year’s Russian math olympics.


Almost an hour later….

Oh well.

When you’re a “math enabler…”

you learn that,

should the hot session of  “quo Vadis Analysis,” heat up,

and the writing on the paper doilies under the drinks become more important

than your Shirley Temple,

you can almost always get a BLT.

From room service.

Somehow though,

since they are really good guys,

and always good for a blog story,

you just gotta love a mathematician.

Copyright 2017

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