And Gutenberg Lived Here: Tech-Tock- You Are Collecting What…?

As I am writing this:

There are kids out on the soccer field near us,

fans of the local soccer team,

training to yell and stomp for each other,

and hopefully one day get a place either in the local pom-pom girls.

cheering for the pro team,

or drumming,

to heat up the crowd,

(more roar, more tickets in the fall)

Or stomping,

Practicing to one day activate the stomping panels,

they hope to soon install here,

to create electricity for the stadium lights.

And tv cameras.

And smart-phone chargers.

Which syphon off the extra energy people today now have,

since they aren’t usually working in the fields.

But while I am writing this,

a high-rise is burning in London,

a kindergarten has been destroyed in China,

injuring many small children,

and a group of congressmen has been shot at.

Unfortunately, from a supreme wacko from my home town.

(Which I left many years ago, as part of the go west young person movement.)

And the energy of tv cameras is going twenty-four hours per day,

reporting each tiny detail of shock.

And, as I am writing this,

my  husband asks me if I remember going to the British Museum,

and how surprised we were at the signs in the bathrooms,

that you should well,

and copiously,

use their facilities,

since they were collecting the refuse of the culture soaked,

(and courgette surprise casseroles filled)

to light and heat the museum.

And now, it appears,

there is a new invention,

featured on the BBC program Click,

a urinal,

that will collect the user’s urine,

and use it to power his smart phone-

for about an hour.

“Here, drink this water, Harold, I have to call my family.”

“A whole liter?”

“It’s long distance.”

Oh brave new world.

copyright 2017

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