And Gutenberg Lived Here: Believe It Or Not, We Are Walled Off Due To German Unity Day.

“No man is an island…” Unless you live in Gutenberg Land. Where, at the moment, Harald and I, having just gotten home from Pitlochry, washed about 16 loads of still rain-damp laundry, and having a marvelous time looking at pictures we snapped while pretending not to be tourists- fat chance in a German southwester and […]

And Sir Walter Scott Lived Here: We Beard The Mechanical Chicken In Its Lair.

So…Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys, Girls… (and sheep-and-grouse-herding border collies,) when we last left our intrepid travellers, Rhineland Gutenberger bred and born- well, at least they moved there some time ago, they were: struggling with boots and southwester far too large, but at least sturdy, braving a hurricane-force wind, (the locals told us to walk it- […]

And Sir Walter Scott Lived Here: And Now For The Mechanical Chicken.

Our third day in Pitlochry, land of the Grampians, the Tummel river, the Jacobite recreators, who reenacted the day the troops of the Jacobite rebellion climbed the mountain, and rode down from Blair castle, to jump out of nowhere onto the British royalists, kilts and pipes skirling as they went, (“the Royalists were indeed much […]

And Sir Walter Scott Lived Here: And Now For A Small Digression: The Genesis Of Murder Mysteries

Like the¬†famous old joke says: What is the oldest profession? Answer? To quote that great son of the Mississippi, Mark Twain, no, not lady of the horizontal ¬†persuasion, but those of the “Madam, I’m Adam” persuasion: ie: gardener. The one who, in German murder mysteries, is as opposed to the English Christie type, where James, […]

And Sir Walter Scott Lived Here: Just Reach Through The Window To Open The Train Door, And Don’t Forget The Mechanical Chicken

Several years ago, even before the Outlander, the Highlander, and all the other ‘Kilt-dressed rolling in the heather and stabbing Englishmen and Haggis, whichever came first,’ romance figures were invented, my Robbie Burns and Ivanhoe fan of a husband and I- I’m more the Stevenson type- planned and planned how we could get to Edinburgh. […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: The Day Of The Coffee Machine- Day One

Did you ever just have one of those days… Like this morning, where, at five a.m. I was wandering purposefully, if groggily, around our apartment, frozen turkey under my arm, looking for a pair af glasses, so I could read the expiration date, so I could decide whether to pitch said turkey, since our refrigerator […]