And Erasmus Lived Here: On Ghostbusting, And “Best Local Food? At The Top Of The Funicular.”

When Gutenberger go to the town of Freiburg, it is usually for only one reason: fall hiking in the gorgeous Black Forest. And, of course, being Gutenberger, there had better be good food and drink somewhere along the line. Not that the Gutenberger aren’t educated, and cultivated, and open to new ideas. (Probably more so […]

And Erasmus Lived Here: Of Alemannics, Catholics, And Long-Short Reds.

Last weekend one of those special family holidays snuck up on us- the type that here in Gutenberg land is called a “round birthday” and always celebrated as an “event” of the kind where you need to rent the San Francisco Cow Palace, invite everyone you call friend, and, here at Gutenberg U, your area […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: John Adams, Abigail Adams, Gomez Addams

Saturday, after the usual twenty-seven crises and forty-two errands, we decided we had had enough. And took the car, drove through the city of Gutenberg since the bridge across the river near us still isn’t functioning right, resulting in three-hour traffic jams (for a twelve-minute trip) headed across the Roman-built Theodore Heuss bridge, up the […]