And Gutenberg Lived Here: “Einstein Would be Flabbergasted…”

And not just Einstein.

I found the above in a story about the awarding of the Nobel prize for physics.

And, as flabbergasted as you feel at this moment, (hmmm)

this article has nothing to do with either physics,

or the Nobel prize.

Or feeling flabbergasted, for that matter.

(By the way, just what is a flabbergast, if you please?

Is it like a blunderbuss-

a kind of short musket thing for firing metal shot,

of the kind used by Bugs Bunny in a pilgrim hat, while hunting wild turkey?

(Doesn’t he know they come from the supermarket?)

Or perhaps, it is a kind of cummerbund?

(A sash worn around the middle of a male –

((a male like Cumberbatch- no-oops- he only wears tights-))

to hide his cummer-

an old germanic word for the love handles you put on around the middle

when you are in stress.)

But only, of course, on formal occasions.

Like the awarding of the Nobel prize.

With feeling.

And a large dose of flabber…

And how’s that for logic?

I mean, really,

with the exception of a physicist,

of a category

say better,

or higher,

than Einstein,

who else could manage to get up the high emotions to gast his flabber?

Or even buckle his swash, for that matter.

As in:

since Albert E is long since gone from us,

and worked in a field most of us haven’t got a clue of a swash to buckle about,

and, of course, Albert,

being of the reticent type,

except when it came to Marilyn Monroe

(look it up)

never expressed his opinions

about a field that, to the best of my knowledge,

he never worked in,

like the Nobel field that today supposedly made him so gast of flabber…


what’s all this about what he felt…

if I might so boldly ask?

And more important,

why do you,

whoever it is who is writing such articles

characterizing and measuring,

and collecting data

on the amount of gast in our flabber,

and putting it on the net meant to inter, no less,

think that you know what he thought?

As in:

So did he come back today to tell you,

(now THAT would be worth a Nobel prize)

or have YOU traveled there and talked to him.


Which brings us to the final queston…

Who developed this system of thought?

As in:

“five out of six women…”

“All of the Barbary coast knows….”

Of course… “on the chosen Friday….”

Where, when, what, why, how.

That’s what I want to know.

And of course Who.

And, most important…

if not who,

why not.

How about all of you?

Copyright 2017

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