Santa And The S-Elf Carlton

“Hey, Care…”

Carlton Elf slowed enough to look behind him without walking into one of the giant

candy cane lampposts.

“Twelfth Elf,” he muttered under his breath. “Just what I needed.”

With no escape possible, Carlton turned around, smiling.

“Hi Twelfth.”

“Hey, Super-Elf, you’re needed.”

Oh darn. He had been hoping for a day of real, not sweet, food,  and maybe a

movie. Something with nothing in it that looked like anything he had assembled and

packed in the toy section of the workshop lately.

“So what does the boss want this time?”

“Hey, Super-elf,  you’re on puppy delivery.”

Copyright 2017


(This is a 99-word story written from a prompt by Colleen Chesebro. The prompt requires the use of the concept self-care. )

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