And Gutenberg Lived Here: Carnival In Review: Duck When They Throw The Candy, And Mercy For Sykes.

Yesterday was wind-down Tuesday here in Mardi Gras capitol Gutenberg Land. So far we have had: “cut the mens’ ties off, storm the town hall, old ladies dancing in the streets” Thursday, Then “you can’t get a hair appointment, buy flowers, or candy, or really anything but milk-less hard rolls, wine, and huge garlic-laced rings […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: “Old Wives’ Thursday,” or Where Is Gloria Steinem When You Need Her?

Today is Old Wives Carnival here. The day a lot of women wait all year for. It starts with a group of women, in costume, usually female devils in very very short skirts, putting up a ladder and “storming” the town hall. (And being repelled by a confetti canon, aimed in the other direction, ie […]