And Gutenberg Lived Here: That’s What You Get For Thinking About March

Ever since I wrote the blog about March yesterday,

I’ve been thinking.

It doesn’t get more dangerous than that.

But this time,

I was thinking peaceful.


March is named for Mars,

the god of war.

It comes in like a lion

and out like a lamb.

Like a lot of musicians I know

who arrive to give a concert,

after spending forty minutes looking for a parking spot

and then end up putting up a begging sign

“Giving concert inside- benefit- please don’t tow away

since I can’t pay the fine.”

Ah yes, the joys of music.

After which,

they give an out of this world concert,

sing like all the angels in the world have blessed them,

and then go out to find-

a parking ticket.

Which we all had to chip in to pay.

And his dinner afterwards.

He is now assistant prof at a music school.

Good is good.

In all aspects.

What a joy to know people like that.

So now back to Mars.

And March.

Which is actually Mars

with a ch-

the country sign for Switzerland,

the nation of peace, toblerone,

and diplomats.

And if you believe that,

see if you can find a copy of the film

“die Schweizermacher”

(the Swiss makers)

Made sometime in the late sixties

or early seventies,

it describes the adventures of a group of foreign residents

trying to study to take the long and complicated exam

to become Swiss citizens.

And an investigator who spies on them all

for the office of immigration.

And ends up discovering

he couldn’t pass the exam if he had to.

Not to knock the Swiss,

I like all of them I have met

actually a good couple of dozen,

except one gent

who told me women couldn’t vote there

because they didn’t have a sword.

(You get one if you serve in the military.)

And every home supposedly has one-

in the closet.

Next to the rifle.

They have to own.

In case of attack.

Other nations, other customs.

Like dying a whole river green

on St Patrick’s Day,

so you feel you have earned the right

to drink green beer.

Don’t get me started.

copyright 2018 All rights reserved.

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