And Gutenberg Lived Here: Hula In The Snow For Your Health.

Friday, coming home from conducting,

the BEAST hit.

Well, actually,

it was more like a beastlet.

Or a beasturtium,

or a beastiary conundrum.


It hit with a flurry,

dropped about a foot of snow,

then brought its little brother for a visit,

melting everything the beasti beastorum had dropped.

Leaving us with wet Saturday noon.

And ice Saturday afternoon.

Followed by the return of BB (big beast)

to drop another foot on us.

Which is now melting.

And if anyone thinks I am going to put up with this any longer,

they can think again.

Hey, up there. Just fix it, would you?

Not your department?


So I wait.


in the time-honored rules of this household—-

no one is dead.

So you Carry On And Drink Tea.


in the wake of all things happening at the moment,

we here in Gutenberg Land are among the more blessed,

having, indeed, to do only two things from now till Easter,

besides the usual work, household chores, doctors, and taxes,


fopping the beast and co,


surviving the sudden Lenten change in news reporting

and radio, television, and social media,


Carnival songs like

“our grandma rides her motorbike in the chicken coop,”


“there’s a horse in the hall, yes a horse in the hall,”


Germans have more chance live to be a hundred,

and not get dementia

than any previous generation.

All they have to do is avoid eating pork.

And liver.

And eat more greasy fish.

(sponsored by the greasy fish smokers association

of north Germany?)

Learn to touch their finger tips behind their backs,

get up from a chair several times per day with their arms crossed in front of their chests,

and take courses for seniors

at special senior citizen academies.

Fees often paid for by the national health insurance plan.


and of course most important

at this time of year,

watch ten thousand documentaries about the Hawaiian islands,

learn to Hula,

and book a trip with a luxury liner,

or one of those senior citizen educational trips,

with guided tours,

tests to see what you have understood,

and a carefully regimented diet of

fish, no pork,

you get the idea.

Hey, Hawaii in the spring.

Who knows?

If enough Gutenberger go,

maybe I can get a parking spot downtown sometime soon.

And if we all wait long enough,

maybe they will finally pass an amendment,

that a senior citizen anti-dementia trip to Hawaii

can be had on the national health plan.


copyright 2018 All rights reserved.

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