And Gutenberg Lived Here: TheWorld Goes Under, The Asparagus Goes Up.

I know this is a ridiculous topic for a moment  in history like this one,

But somehow,

here in Gutenberg land,

the heftiest of the problems at the moment,


for the most part,

being handled peacefully,

thnak heavens,

leaving only the loudest,

here in Gutenberg land the supply issues,

as a small pin prick in the side.

We do have shortages here, for example.

A different one each week.

At first it was fruit.

Then meat, shampoo, soap.

Thank heavens, the toilet paper hoarding crisis is now over.

There wasn’t much Easter cheer and chocolate sales this year,

but the top seller was a rabbit with a mask on.

And holding a roll of toilet paper.

That shows real class.

And says something.

Think about it.

Today was my day

to do the quick put on the mask and keep a distance shopping.

Only to discover:

The streets here in our small several thousand year old celtic-German village,

suddenly looked like something out of a 1950’s French film.

The sidewalks,

normally pristine, and swept clean,

were suddenly inundated by small two-man tables.

At a correct social distance, of course,

As the people lined up at one door of the bakery,

at exactly three o’clock,

To order cake and coffee,

Or home-made icecream,

then carry it out the other door to the tables,

take off their masks,

and shirts, (men only, of course)

and lounge.

In the sun.

Clothless. (Around the nose an mouth area.)

And half-yelling in the broadest of broad,

similar to cockney, dialect spoken here

about whether the crops will come in,

or the kids get to school full time in the fall,

or the seniors can go back to their choir singing.

And if anyone local is in the hospital at the moment.

Thank heavens not. We are doing well.

And keeping busy.

At the moment we are doing “projects.”

Sing your parts, at home, of coure,

and the technicians will mix.

And building-

swimming pools out of old wooden beer barrel separators,

if you can believe it.

I prefer to write odd articles for blogs.

And we are watching church tv,

broadcast locally,

often from the large cathedrals downtown-

one catholic, one lutheran.

And one, of course, that is being dug up,

due to archeological finds.

Of what?

Who knows?

We have dinosaurs here.

And graves for 11,000 virgin martyrs.

And a backdoor into the cathedral

for the emperor’s horse,


An entire museum of Roman ships they found when digging…

a parking lot for the Hilton Casino.

They do a lot of that here.

Finding things buried many centuries ago, I mean.

Oh, and of course building cathedrals.

Gutenberg is an unusual place, churchwise.

We even have an Isis and Magna Mater shrine,

with an ancient offering area

where the locals, while digging the parking lot for a Woolworths,

yes, again,

discovered some “wishing papers-”

sacrifice a bird or an animal,

or bring food for a priest,

and write down what you want done.

Like the “wishing paper” they found for a woman

who wanted her mother-in-law killed.

Hey, just a thought.


Maybe we should all just do it like the methodist do:

slow cook a huge pot of baked beans and cornbread,

pray with the family,

and bury a wish paper for the end of corona,

and injustice,

and all the other things plaguing us at the moment.

Stay well.


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