And Curiosity Lived Here: I’ve Always Wondered…

-Why people have to compete with each other. Isn't it enough that each of us has a very own, God-given talent, and reason to be here, and it's our job to see that we progress the way we are meant to.   -Why some people don't work on themselves, but spend their lives attacking others. … Continue reading And Curiosity Lived Here: I’ve Always Wondered…

You Know You’re A Foreigner When…

Actually, the question of "foreigner" never comes up much here in Gutenberg Land. Unless they need someone to yell at because the local news stations have been whipping them up over the political situation in the world at the moment, or they need someone to put on a national costume and sing a couple of … Continue reading You Know You’re A Foreigner When…

Aging…? I’m Not A Cheese

"Ten signs of physical aging-" taken from a women's magazine discovered in a doctor's office- naturally. You don't think I would buy something like this, do you? "Lose weight by eating cabbage till you stink, "do fourteen sets of repetitions for your rear end only..." Anyway, as I said... from a women's mag in a … Continue reading Aging…? I’m Not A Cheese

April Fool- What, Only April?

I promised to someone recently to write on the topic of  April Fool, then realized the obvious: A fool only in April? That's not a lot of room to manoever. And, do I have to be a fool for all of April or can I just mess up once, but that really well, and then … Continue reading April Fool- What, Only April?

What Exactly Is A Progressive Dinner?

To me, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words "progressive dinner" is: what exactly is progressive about it? I mean, for thousands of years hunters have been killing and grilling mastodon and co, and then going cave to cave with the ribs, banging the hanging rock door-knocker, and asking "is … Continue reading What Exactly Is A Progressive Dinner?

Of Tarantulas And Sneakers For Ponies

Someone sent me a note today, asking me to discuss pets Pulleeze Not that it's a bad topic. And not that I don't adore dogs. And there are some pretty interesting fish both house style, and exotic salt water. Hey, some of them are even luminous. Just as long as they don't arrive frozen and … Continue reading Of Tarantulas And Sneakers For Ponies

Major Life Changes: Part Two

Yesterday, the LBC VUBP (very unusual blogging people) asked for my assessment of the topic "major life changes." And I tried my best to be serious. And adult. But the thing is, the more serious a topic, the more humour I find in it. It's a mechanism that goes back to nursery days. Of listening … Continue reading Major Life Changes: Part Two

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Major Life Changes, Part One.

I think I am finally starting to understand, from a year plus a bit of writing this blog,   that there are moments in life that are irreversible. Someone comes into your life, Someone leaves, often in an unexpected or tragic way. Some event happens that changes everything forever. And you have to muster all … Continue reading And Gutenberg Lived Here: Major Life Changes, Part One.

Education: It’s About Life

Education? For me, one word says it all. Yes. But I fully understand that a lot of very successful and happy and well-adjusted giving back to the community people out there have little or no formal education, so instead of talking  about the pro and con and of education, and bringing in all the statistics, … Continue reading Education: It’s About Life