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And Poirot Lived Here: Penn And Teller And The Murder On The Orient Express.

Nearly two weeks ago we went to visit an old friend, born in 1854, and thus well over 163 years old, by last count. He was taking a small busman’s holiday, you see, mon Dieu, on the Orient Express. Fantastic wide vistas, a compartment of travelling companions, mostly all over seventy, and almost all obsessed […]

And A Maine Coon Cat Lived Here: Wondering Gaels.

I just finished reading a wonderful blog, called Irish Christmas traditions at Wandering Gaels and it started me thinking about my own wandering Gael family, and our more than California-ized Christmas traditions. I would like to share a few of them with you. Picture if you will: Christmas eve morning. My mother, an early riser, […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: From Death to Christmas- Pass The Chocolate.

It’s freezing here. And grey. And the local doctors, life coaches, night education classes and sun studios are doing a booming business in winter depression cures. Not helped along much by the fact the local carnival clubs have all called it a day until February, at least, to make room for the six weeks, now […]