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Got Those Low Down, Sneakin’ Yellow-Bellied People-Watchin’ Blues

This week I got a noodge on my page. A suggestion by, (thank you) that I, well, not me alone, but a group of writers, write on the color yellow. Noodge noodge. Now yellow is about my unfavoritest color in the universe. Yellow skies frighten me. (When you’re from the midwest, you know which […]


Blues. Just the sound of the word brings up images. Blues in the night. St. Louis blues. Old time, deep south, hot sultry, no sound but the crickets and mosquitos, too hot to sleep, so you lie there, sweat soaked, tossing and turning, moaning about everything that is bad in your life and doesn’t look […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Halloween in Gutenberg Land

Germans loveĀ  putting on costumes, Painting faces, Drinking – (bigtime) And since Carnival, the “Fifth season” time when they usually do all this, starts on the eleventh of November. (Eleven, German ELF, is the short version of the slogan of the French revolution, egalite, liberte, fraternite,) with the formation of the military companies or corporations, […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Are They REALLY Still Trying To Smoke Bananas?

I got a call yesterday, “please call back to set up a time you could set a discussion on drugs.” What? Who? Me? Drugs? This was a pastor I have worked for a couple of times over the years- usually youth concerts, so I knew this discussion was going to be, if anything, unusual. And […]