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Spring Has Sprung, Fall Has Not Yet Fell, So Why Am I Putting On Winter Tires….?

Usually I love this time of year. A cool crisp feel to the air. The deadliest heat of summer finally over. Leaves not yet turned. Nothing to wash, rake, store, de-mothball yet. Yup, finally time for myself. Time to get out and enjoy all that luscious green the summer has grown, the gorgeous colors of […]


I finally did it. After nearly a year of internet wrangles, I finally: updated, modernized, found a new home- an electric condo, if you will- for: Dun-na-sead-rising, And-Gutenberg-Lived-Here, Murder-Most-Bretzelbach, The Dogwood Gazette. And believe me, if you think finding a condo for all of that is easy…. So now, this is your invite. Welcome to […]