Poetry vs Prose: Hark, I Hear A Cosmic Overtone.

Ah yes. Poetry versus prose. The Queen of the literary competitions. But first: The basics. Poetry- contains: meter, rhyme, verse, theme Prose: character, setting, plot, point of view, theme, and mood. (I found this on a children’s lit page on the web-¬† thank heavens) So, poetically speaking, here goes: “On creativity, friends, and the passage¬† […]

Spring Has Sprung, Fall Has Not Yet Fell, So Why Am I Putting On Winter Tires….?

Usually I love this time of year. A cool crisp feel to the air. The deadliest heat of summer finally over. Leaves not yet turned. Nothing to wash, rake, store, de-mothball yet. Yup, finally time for myself. Time to get out and enjoy all that luscious green the summer has grown, the gorgeous colors of […]