And Gutenberg Lived Here: Favorite Book or Film?

I admit it. I'm a book junky. I read them in all places, at all times of the day or night. Tea and books were made for each other. They almost make up for all the junk you have to do till you get to that point in your day. And as for books, bathtubs, … Continue reading And Gutenberg Lived Here: Favorite Book or Film?

Who Let The Reindeer Out?

Walking around our little subdivision this year has been a real eye-opener. Apparently, someone here in Gutenberg Land tallied up the exact number of ohms, amperes, and whatever, in LEDs, and discovered that a light display doesn't violate all the myriad of complicated energy saving laws, and voila, Eat your heart out, Vegas: Blue elves, … Continue reading Who Let The Reindeer Out?

Instruction Manual II: How To Use Your Bed “Old Sven.”

Thank you for buying our I*** bed "Old Sven." We are sure that you will have many happy hours with this product. Now that you have unpacked the bed fully, and removed, stomped, cut up, and carted off the packaging, a little at a time, by bicycle to the local cardboard recycling center, waited for … Continue reading Instruction Manual II: How To Use Your Bed “Old Sven.”

Family Occasions

Yes, family does occasion: joy, happiness, weddings, births, birthdays, holidays, and funerals. Or wakes, Which, in an Irish-American family, are definitely nothing to sneeze at. It also occasions: sending money in ever-increasing lists of emergencies, having people overnight who somehow appear to be related to great aunt Lavina, three times removed by means of uncle … Continue reading Family Occasions

And Gutenberg Lived Here: The Call of The Wild

One of the jokes told here about and by, Germans is that if you have two Germans, you get a club (or a glee club) and 2.that the trains run on time. Now only partially true, after the privatization of the whole train system, often leading to sudden, and non-planned, mass strandage on a track … Continue reading And Gutenberg Lived Here: The Call of The Wild

As The Id Goes Marching On

Many moons ago, in the quiet, or not so, depending on how old you were and if you had to do directly with the war or not, times of peace, love, and all that, we were busily exploring our souls. God and Nietsche, Religion and psychotherapy. And here, a tip of the hat to all … Continue reading As The Id Goes Marching On

I Am Curious/Fearfully Yellow

My greatest fear is that when my antagonist and protagonist meet, one of them will be wearing yellow. (Thanks for the topic prompts to The Writers' Den, ) And why that, you ask? Oh, mon Dieu, But of course... Monsieur Poirot is, c'est vrai, Belge. With that oft found European teint that can look … Continue reading I Am Curious/Fearfully Yellow