And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Pigs’ Heads, Gaussian Libations, And Ascension Day Incense.

It’s bridge week here in Gutenberg Land. And that means: On Thursday last week, all the male Gutenbergers- (male only, because Thursday, Ascension day, is also father’s day here,) went to high smoky mass with the wife and kids’ no disrespect meant, but when it comes to incense, we Gutenbergers don’t mess around. Especially when […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: What To Do On National Kumquat And Dried Salted Tuna Day.

I admit it. I’m the kind of person who occasionally looks at a recipe, while looking for anything, anything to read in the magazines they provide in a dentist’s office. Then i study it carefully, decipher the secret, or two secret ingredients- gee, it has condensed milk instead of milk and margarine. Ok. And then […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: What Do Isis, Osiris, And The 05 Soccer Team Have In Common?

One of the things you have to learn, preferably fast, when you move to Gutenberg Land, is the fact that everything here has a solid tradition, rules, values, and all are written in stone. Like the legend that the symbol of Gutenberg Land, Gutenberg University, and the Gutenberg 05 soccer team, a white letter y, […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Slitheens, Raxacoricofallipatorian, And The Eurovision Song Contest.

In case you read the above title, didn’t have a clue what I am writing about, and therefore squealed “Eeeew. I don’t think so” and went back to reading the news about political Armageddon, the above is from Dr Who. Well, maybe not the bit about the Eurovision. That will come later. But, should you […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Why Would A Nice Catholic English Saint Lady Lead A Charge Against Drunk Celts On Beltane Eve?

If the above confuses you, welcome to the club. Gutenberg Land, you see, is a big follower of customs- down to the smallest detail- and then reading a book, or watching a tv show about it to find out why. (Or just drinking a couple with friends, and pretending they know why- To which I […]