Month: October 2015

Grey Hair-And Other Myths

Grey hair is a myth. One of those urban stories people tell you to make you feel bad about yourself so you buy some product or other, or sit around contemplating split ends while they go off and get all the prizes in the world they are working so hard to make youth-oriented. Because: And…

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The Ornriest Bulk Buying Ever

My family once bought a rubber dinghy- White. Gigantic. A six seater. Called Moby Duck. Yes, I know- how original. What do you expect from a family of English teachers? (the truth is, after I took it out once, I wanted to call it Lassie, because it never wanted to come home) Moby was built…

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Family Size

This blog was suggested by Maria for the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium. Since our goal is to show as many standpoints as possible in life, I’ve done my ten finger warm-ups, and am ready to type. Here goes. Family size could be a study of the number of members  a family should have. Since this…

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