And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of PBJ Sandwiches, Easter, And Runaway Trains

Today, probably after too much time listening to a huge convention of blind people deciding which of them was going to run for office as chancellor of Germany, (yes, truly, but either way it fit, since, in my opinion, most politicians are much more disabled than those members of the convention) I decided to talk […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: And What Would YOU Do When You Heard The Words “Paleo- Flirting?”

I admit it. I’m an unashamed people-watcher. And people-wonderer. As in: Sitting peacefully in a cafe, English tea with milk in hand, to the chagrin of every German barista ever trained- except at McDonald’s- I overheard two rather loud women at the next table saying: “I swear, I heard it on tv last night. ” […]