And Gutenberg Lived Here: What, A European Song Contest Isn’t Enough?

Yesterday morning my other half and I watched, make that fast-forwarded, through a video of the European Song Contest. (I have to. My voice  students and adult beginners’ choir regularly ask questions on such things, and are always disappointed if I say “huh?”) Anyway, the ESC no jokes about an escape key, please, is something […]

When Calamity Rears Its Head: Don’t Look At De Feet

This week, one of those topics was floating around among the different bloggers. So I decided- wait. Calamity? As in… Calamity? Really? But hey, actually, not knowing the bloggers personally, I decided a group of bloggers must have been studying up on the westward movement in US history. From Ca- for California, To La for […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Witches, Ascension,Waldmeister, Cauldron Races, And Carnival

May is a busy month here in Gutenberg Land. What with St Walpurga, she of the thirtieth of April witches’ covens, waldmeister punch, a hallucinogenic drink served in small amounts in almost all pubs here, (more and you could end up seriously poisoned) and fires of massive proportion, made out of old tires and the […]

And Gutenberg Lived Here: One Step, Two Step, Green Step, Blue Step

Recently, several other members of a blogger consortium and I, did a post on the ramifications of dancing. Ballroom style. And got a lot of insight, and very amusing feedback, both written, and by late late night telephone call, some with heavy breathing, (probably a dance studio owner practicing the jitterbug,) into what dancing today […]